Just a few of my processes

  • Each piece is assessed, then screws, doors, drawers and hardware are removed and everything is thoroughly cleaned throughout.
  • Any imperfections or small holes will be filled, and repairs made where needed and possible.
  • All pieces are stripped or sanded as required and then cleaned again to remove all residue.
  • If required, the piece will be primed with a stain-blocking or adhesive primer, then lightly sanded again.
  • The piece will be masked and have the required number of high-quality specialist furniture paint coats for a lovely durable finish, smoothing in between. 
  • Any decorative areas can be enhanced, as required.
  • The paint finish will be protected with a wax or topcoat as appropriate to protect.
  • If any wood is being left natural, this can be stained, varnished, oiled, or waxed depending on the desired finish; otherwise, this can be painted as above if the surface is suitable.
  • Interior wood will be replenished with wax or oil where it is possible.
  • New handles/drawer pulls will be sourced and fitted to compliment the piece, unless the original fittings will be used, in which case these will be cleaned and finished.
  • Drawers/shelves will be lined in an attractive paper where suitable and finished with a protective topcoat.
  • The piece receives lots of love, care, and attention to detail, and only when I am 100% happy is it allowed to go off to its new home!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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